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Merciful God, creator of the world and the nations We prey for all those caught up in the conflict in Syria.We pray for an immediate ceasefire, and an end to the violence against all civilians. Give them your peace. Amen We pray for those who are mourning the loss of loved ones, especially for the people involved in the recient train crash in spain give your comfort to them and their families in their time of need. Amen We pray for those in positions of power who have the means to make a difference: Guide the United Nations, and governments whose intervention might bring about peace. We pray for the future of all countries where people have been willing to challenge unfair and unjust governments We ask that the outcome will be a better future for all, and that the poor and marginalised will experience new lives of dignity and hope. Amen We pray that you give us wisdom in these troubled times. As we realise how fragile our systems of security are, remind us how much more fragile they are for those who have nothing. Remind us of the true financial crisis for those who go to bed hungry. As we face challenges over our own resources, remind us that you teach us to share what we have. Inspire us to live in a Christ-like way, and to bring your peace to a world in turmoil. Amen We thank you for blessing us with Phil and Julia who have made such a difference in so many peoples lives for so many years. we wish them all the luck in their new home in macclesfield. We prey that a new vicar will come at the right time and he/she is the right person to do your will. Amen We pray for the Environment, help us all to do our bit by recycling and walking or using public transport when we can, to reduce our carbon footprint.

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