Religion vs. Freedom of Speech

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“Religion is like a pair of shoes.....Find one that fits for you, but don't make me wear your shoes,”( George Carlin). An interesting analogy, but useful in establishing a line between religious freedom and freedom of speech. It is evident that there is a point where these two freedoms intersect and it is therefore necessary to determine where the line lies. Though it is a very fine division, there is a distinct place where using freedom of speech infringes upon religious freedom and it is important for the peace of nations, the rights of man and the beliefs of all people that this line remains uncrossed. When people can no longer practice their beliefs without fear or live life in happiness and with liberty, than that can cause detriment to society and freedom of religion must trump freedom of speech. In late 2012 a low budget anti muslim film was released by United States filmmakers. The video depicted the leader of the Islamic religion the prophet, Mohammed, as a womanizer, fraud and child molester. This sparked outrage in the Middle East. In Timergarah, Pakistan, hundreds of protesters caused widespread damage; torching a press club and a government building. This ultimately lead to the death of at least one person after the group was confronted by police. Throughout this time period, violence ended the life of the US Ambassador in Libya and injured countless others. This video which undermined the religion of Islam lead to increased anti American sentiment in the Middle East which culminated in protests outside US military bases in Pakistan and the burning of a large photograph of President Obama. This video did not express the views of all Americans but of a select few. Unfortunately, the actions of this select group of American’s provided many Middle Eastern people with an unrealistic view of all Americans, thus undermining the safety of Americans as
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