Religion Is Not Solely About Beleif In Atranscendent God! Essay

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With Specific Reference to the material studied in the course so far, show why religion can never be solely about belief in a transcendent God beyond this world. Religion is a complex concept that has proved difficult to define and is commonly thought to be solely been about “God Almighty” In this essay I will show that the term religion exists on many levels. By examining the way society, follows a similar set of practices as required by their individual beliefs with the ultimate aim of achieving an inner and outer sense of purpose, social standing and moral guidance. In doing this I will show why religion should never be solely about belief in a transcendent God. It is said that we now live in the age of a secular state, but what does this mean? Does this mean that we suddenly live in an age where we no longer abide and commit solely to the word of a transcendent God? A world free of Religion practices. According to Harvey Cox: “It is the loosening of the world from religion and quasi-religious understandings of itself …The god of traditional religions live on as private fetishes or the patrons of congenial groups, but they play no role whatsoever in the public life of the secular metropolis” ( pg120) I would argue with this statement on several levels. Firstly this would assume that mankind world wide actively and obediently committed themselves to the following of a transcendent God. This is clearly not the case. In 1815 The Encyclopaedia Britannica defined Secularization as: “The act of converting a regular (religious) person, place or benefice, into a secular one” This firstly proves that secularization is not of a new age, that is has existed and been part of society for a long time that in fact it has “always existed … in various degrees of relationship with each other”. (T. Fitzgerald, Equinox Publishing, 2007) In other words as long as

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