Religion in Todays World

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2. In a short but consistent essay explain the role of religion in today’s world. Give consistent reasons for your explanation. In today’s world religion seems to have a different place than in times before. Throughout history religion is what governed countries, brought people together, and gave morals and rules for everyday life. People abided by the rules of the church and followed exactly what priest and other religious leaders said to do. The vast majority of people in earlier times had a religion and believed in god. People who were thought to be condemned to hell were to be separated from those who were pure. Their whole world was controlled by religion, and their daily lives revolved around it. But today religion doesn’t seem to the same role as it has had throughout the many centuries of history. For one thing countries are no longer governed solely by religion or religious values many other factors are now put into place. Religious values and morals are also not always considered today when making government decisions. Although religious values and morals don’t guide and rule countries anymore it is not to be said that they haven’t given countries a foundation for their laws and core values. An appropriate example of this is the United States of America many of their laws are based on the Ten Commandments of the bible, thou shall not kill thou shall be nice to your neighbor, though shall treat others the way you want to be treated and thou shall not steal. These are important examples of legislation and social conduct in American society. America is also a good example of religion still being used in core values and practices. One is the pledge of allegiance which says “under god” this shows America’s devotion to god. This saying is still used every day in schools all over the states. Although religion is used as a core value and a basis for
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