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Religion in the Work Place Essay

  • Submitted by: Selfm18189
  • on July 22, 2014
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Religion in the Workplace
Tesia Davis
SOC 120: Introduction to Ethics & Social Responsibilities
Instructor: Milagros Baez
June 13, 2014

Religion in the Workplace
Religion plays a very important role in many people everyday livelihood.   This is why the   TITLE VII CIVIL RIGHTS ACT of   1964   help protect employees from religion discrimination, prohibiting private and public employers from discriminating due to sex, race and national origin and allowing employees to practice their   religion at the company as long as it don’t minimally burden the company   (Conlin,1999). Utilitarianism is a great theory for this civil rights act because it uses to produce the greatest number for the greatest amount of people Mosser, (2013). In America an average person spends most of their time at work then home with family.   In fact people spend a month more of their time at their workplace every year then they did twenty years ago (Conlin,1999). Some religion such as Islam require their followers to pray at least five times a day and most Christians believe that they shouldn't work on Sundays which can interfere with workplace rules and regulations. This can also cause a problem for the company because the first amendment guarantee freedom of religion practice and also the interference of religion practices can violate this amendment. However the employer has some say as to the employee practicing their religion at the workplace if the employer feel that the religion causes hardship to the
company the employer don’t have to allow the religion practice in the workplace. In some cases most employees don’t have to practice their religion in the workplace it can be express in the clothing or hair styles and the way they act. Its lots of other ways to impart religion in the workplace. Several believe that spirituality improve the workplace and increase the productivity but in some case practicing religion can cause some problems in the workplace due to opposite beliefs this can...

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