Religion in Politics Essay

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Religion often time does not have solid evidence to back up its arguments. Most of religion’s theories come from made up stories with no real logic beside its moral values. Throughout the history, religion has failed to judge people fairly and has wrongly punished many great philosophers. In the 1600s, an Italian philosopher named Giordano Bruno was burned alive for the idea of an infinite universe. The event happened because of his rejection on certain Catholic core principles. Another more famous story is about Copernicus. In the 1500s, he came up with the idea of heliocentric, where the sun would be the center of the galaxy. Not long after he proposed his idea, the Catholic Church condemned him and his idea. Although the Protestant Church embraced Copernicus, this event still revealed the ignorance found in religion. Furthermore, America’s founding fathers had created the country based on separation of church and state. If one religion becomes dominant, chances are, others will be forced away. And other religions are not the only thing that the people will lose, their other rights will follow soon enough. If some Christians could use god to ban gays from their unalienable rights, what could stop them from removing other groups’ freedom. Overall, religion can only be used as a tool to teach certain morals, and it should never interfere with anything beyond that extend. With that being said, however, there are still many other methods to teach society about morals and religion is only one of

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