Religion in Organizational Business Essay

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1. Based upon your understanding of this course and material, and from personal and professional experience – which of the key concepts from our study of Organizational Behavior have the greatest opportunity for positively impacting organizational performance? Please identify at least 3 key concepts and defend each selection with at least 3 correctly cited (APA) references from course materials. There were so many concepts that we learned about in the study of Organization Behavior that it was extremely hard to narrow it down to only 3 key concepts. I think the most important concept in any organization would be communication; the importance cannot be emphasized enough. The communication process is defined on page 295 of our text as, “The steps between a source and a receiver that result in the transfer and understanding of meaning” (Robbins & Judge, 2012). Communication starts from the time that a person is employed with your company until the time that they part ways. An employer communicates throughout orientation to begin with and then every day there are various forms of communication: written, oral, electronic, etc. “When all parts of your organization communicate smoothly, it can improve workflow and overall productivity” (Smith, 2014). Clear communication can help to build trust between employees. Poor communication can create negative feelings among employees and management. Role clarity is important among members of a team and those roles have to be communicated clearly. Communication allows employees to collaborate effectively, resulting in better productivity throughout the organization. Another concept that can have a positive impact on organizational performance is diversity. I think of diversity as variation among the workforce. Diversity can range from differences in race, gender, disability, or other characteristics. “The key is for

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