Religion In Jakie's The Jazz Singer

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Religion Then and Now All throughout human history religion has played a major part in everyday life. Religion shapes the way we view the world. It has helped people explain where we came from and how things work. Religion gives people a sense of belonging and familiarity. The Jazz Singer (1927) does an excellent job showing how religion influences our lives. Jakie Rabinowitz, the main character, is pursuing his dreams but constantly has to deal with coming from a strict Jewish family. Although the Jakie is Jewish, viewers of any belief can identify with Jakie’s struggle. The Jazz Singer (1927) shows how religion influences views on music, effects communities and the families and people within. Religion significantly…show more content…
Cantor Rabinowitz’s my way or the highway approach to religion caused Jakie’s extreme reaction of running away. Most people who grow up under such circumstances do not run away, but they do often rebel wildly, once they reach adulthood. In the end our beloved main character Jakie Rabinowitz is able balance his own personal desires and his families religious desires. Unfortunately, this does not often happen in the real world. This fairytale ending is easily accepted by many, not because they believe it is feasible, but because they wish it was. Seeing Jakie reconcile with his father and still become a Broadway star gives hope to someone with the same experiences. The Jazz Singer (1927) may be an old movie, but its portrayal of religion still holds true today. Secular music is still looked down upon by many conservative believers, many communities still have deep religious roots and although the reasons why certain traditions or holidays exist are not known they are still practiced. Finally religion has a huge impact on the personal lives or many people, whether they are being controlled by it or fighting against it. Jakie personifies the struggle of finding our own path in life and how religion plays a part in
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