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Religion/Family Essay

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  • on December 2, 2013
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Part 1: Religion
1. Research the history of a religious affliation - the one into which you were born or now belong, or one you simply find intriguing. Did it begin as a cult or a sect that split off from another religious group? Has it become less strict over time? Is it active in politics? Was it founded by a charismatic leader?
As an infant I was christened in an Episcopalian Church named St. Mark’s Cathedral. Episcopalians are a part of the Anglican Communion and stemmed from the Church of England and claim to be Protestant yet Catholic. Since St. Augustine formed the Church of England and separated from the Roman Catholic Church, he is considered to be the beginning of the religion. The first U.S. parish was founded in Jamestown, Virginia, in 1607 under the charter of the Virginia Company of London. The Episcopal Church has become less strict over time starting with supporting the civil rights movement and affirmative action. Today the Episcopal Church accepts and hopes for full equality for gay and lesbian couples. In 2003, Eugen Robinson was the first openly gay and non-celibate bishop in the Episcopal Church. The Episcopal Church also ordains women into the priesthood.
2. Describe your religious socialization. Have your religious beliefs changed over time? Around what proportion of Americans change their religious beliefs in their lifetimes? Are they still similar to or different from those of your family? Why do you believe your beliefs have changed or remained the same over the years?
For the majority of my childhood my family continued going to the Episcopalian Church but as I grew older I would only go for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter Holidays. My religious beliefs haven’t changed much over time. The only thing that has changed is that I do go to church on a regular basis. My religious views are similar to my families but my dad is the most devout and goes to church every Wednesday and Sunday. I do not particularly live my life constantly...

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