Religion Elements Essay

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Essay No.1 There’s a long list of essential elements in many different religions around the world. Many of the religions around the world have the same essential elements. Some elements of the religions are very similar and some are very different, many might even call some of the elements within different religions very weird or crazy. Place of worship, God beliefs, prayer & meditation, sacred texts and religious rituals are just a few of these elements, but in my opinion these are the most important ones. These elements are basically the building blocks for a religion. Place of worship is probably the most common essential element in every religion. Everyone needs that powerful place to be in touch with the higher power. Church’s, temples and mosques are usually the places where groups of people come to learn, praise and perform religious acts. A place of worship can be as big as a Hindu temple or as small as a Christian chapel. Groups of people come dressed in traditional clothes or as they are to praise and worship their God or spirit. Every building of worship is made and structured pretty much the same. This essential element would connect with a community’s culture in many different ways. One way is that the place of worship will bring many people from different cultures together. An example of this would be having whites and blacks worshipping at the same place, bringing the white and black communities more close. A community having the same beliefs will influence the culture of the community. The creator of everything is the most important essential element in any religion. Everyone needs a God to pray to. There are many different Gods that people believe in around the world. People pray to a fire God, a thunder God, and even a money God. Many believe if you are in good terms with the God he will grant you serenity in the afterlife.
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