Religion and Spirituality in Oedipus Essay

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Religion and Spirituality in Oedipus Definition: Religion – Belief in a divine or superhuman power. Spirituality – Pertaining to the soul or higher nature of humans. The gods influenced religion in the play: Religion is greatly influenced the play and how the plot unfolds. In the end of the play, the people of Thebes realize that when they anger the gods, pain and suffering is put upon them. Character Flaw: Even though Oedipus is praised by his people for being a responsible and honest king, he possesses a major character flaw in his attitude towards the gods which causes the tragic torture he faces in the end. His incestuous ways are the outcome of anger from the gods for being intelligent and because the leader of the state is plagued with such a flaw the state must suffer for the wronging of the leader. Belief: This sense of contamination ultimately leads the gods to cleanse the state, household, and Oedipus by revealing the flaw to everyone and Oedipus at the same time. He is driven to the belief that he can control his own fate, and not leave it up to the gods. Lack of Belief: The people of the land are religious and live there lives according to what messengers and oracles tell them. For Oedipus religion is pushed aside and he believes more in himself. These factors lead the state and the household of Oedipus into contamination which will only be cleansed by the gods and fate. The king's household and family are greatly affected by the religion in that there lack of believe in the gods has caused devastation within there lives. Jocasta’s Beliefs: Jocasta does not want to believe that Oedipus is destined to kill his father and marry his mother. Her belief in the idea that man can change his fate is challenged as she discovers that Oedipus is truly her son and he in fact killed his

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