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Religion and Ethnic Groups Paper

  • Submitted by: jabowen80
  • on March 16, 2015
  • Category: Social Issues
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Religion and Ethnic Groups Paper
Julie Bowen
February 1, 2015
ETH/125 Cultural Diversity
Graciela Nava

    For my paper I have chosen to discuss the religion of Hinduism and the Ethnic Group of Black (African Descent). The following information is what I have discovered.
    The religion of Hinduism is different from other religions because it has not have the following:
1. A single founder,
2. A specific theological system
3. A single concept of deity
4. A single holy text
5. A single system of morality
6. A central religious authority
7. The concept of a prophet

    Considered to be the oldest organized religion in the world, it has “thousands of different religious groups that have evolved in India since 1500BCE.” Since the religion has many different traditions, features that are associated with it are freedom of belief and practice. As far as the interaction with others who do not share in the Hindu belief they agree that God is God, but that they call him by many different names and imagine him in different forms. Whichever they choose as their “form of God” they center their lives around it and it does not change. Obviously other religions care to disagree on how they worship and what they worship. Not only will they be told their religion is wrong and worshipping material items is wrong, but they are also told that it doesn’t exist. I don’t think people realize perhaps that they do believe in God, it’s just that they believe their God takes many forms. The Hindu religion came to America once the Immigration and Nationality Services Act was passed in 1965. Since then the Hindu has held the highest levels of education among all levels of all of the religious communities in the U.S. What we know as “Karma” was brought by the Hindu religion as well as yoga, which has become an extremely popular form of exercise in the U.S. as well. Reincarnation is also a Hindu concept...

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