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Christianity, Judaism and Islam Contrast/Compare Religion Christianity, Judaism and Islam are three different religions that have a lot in common for example all these religions are founded in the middle east. These religions may be very similar to some ways and there are ways that they are different too. These religions may confuse us because they are closely related to one another. In this essay I will discuss and address the differences and compare each religions. Christianity, Islam and Judaism are all religions that originated in the Middle East with the same idea they have derived from. Abraham is the founding ideas of these three religions. These religions are similar and distinct in one reason Abraham. Each religion has its Holy book, which is one of the biggest similarities. Christianity has the Bible, Judaism has the Torah and the Muslims read the Quran. Although each book doesn’t contain the same teaching it has very similar stories and rules written in the book that they abide by. Jerusalem is the center of all these three religions and plays a part of how these religions are founded. They refer to Jerusalem as the holy city. Christianity believes in the bible that has two parts, the Old and New testament. Their faith is based upon three parts of God. They solely believe in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit as part of their religious views. Jesus is the center of their faith, which referred to as the Son of God, divine and died on the cross for all the sinners of the world. Salvation or being saved is being taught by following Jesus’s teachings in the New Testament of the bible. Christians believes that the only way to God is following Jesus. Christians calls their holy building church, a place where they go every Sunday doing sacraments, reciting their apostle’s creed, praying and reading from the bible, partaking in communion

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