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Religion Essay

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  • on December 3, 2013
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Religious is a complicated subject to study. Based on Fisher, such experiences, beliefs, and values, which are part of inner dimension of religion, can also be referred to as spirituality. Even though the word itself derived from the Latin, meaning “to tie back”, “to tie again”, there are many ways to describe religion (Fisher, 2011). Much diversity in religions is the result of human and the world evolved. Religion can be study in a lot of ways, such as the differences of religions, the behaviors or beliefs in different religions, and the function of religion on Earth.
These religions tend to have their own characteristics. The characteristic that is not necessarily segregate it from one another, but it is such a unique manifestation of its beliefs. There are things such as prayer and ritual which is one way a believer expresses their beliefs. Three main religions that will be reviewed are Christians, Muslim, and Hindu. The beliefs and practices of Christianity are based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. Based on Encyclopedia Britannica in 2009, Christianity is divided into three main denominations: Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestant. Christians celebrate their faith in weekly services at church that are presided over by a priest or a pastor. There are a number of sacred rites that most Christians practice either during the regular weekly service or on special occasions during the year, such as baptism and Eucharist (Britannica, 2009). Baptism is a symbol of brings a person into the Christian community, which usually practiced on infants with their parents or godparents stand with them to help raise them to be a good Christian because the infants cannot state their own beliefs. Eucharist is a sacrament which also a commemoration of The Last Supper which use a piece of leavened bread or cracker and a sip of wine or grape juice.
Muslim is one of many religions who have big followers. In Muslim religion itself, there are many things that are...

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