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Around 610 AD the prophet Muhammad was visited by an overwhelming power. This experience shock Muhammad and it took him several years to share his experience with others. Three years after his initial observance Muhammad started to reveal the message he was receiving to the people in his tribe. While the first revelation was around 610, Islam really started to spread and grow in 613 AD. In the beginning Muhammad and his followers were ridiculed and persecuted, there were even physical attempts at his life when he stared preaching this new word of God. He was forced to move around the Arabia in the early years to spread his message, but ultimately he was successful and by 632, most of the Arabian Peninsula was practicing Islam. After Muhammad’s death his teaching and words were translated into the Koran. To truly understand the Koran you must understand it is meant to be the word of God as revealed through the prophet Muhammad. The book contains 114 Surah’s or chapters as we would commonly call them. It is not meant to be a timeline historical account like the Bible, moreover the information in the Koran is scattered throughout the chapters which sometimes makes it much more difficult to read. You will find yourself jumping back and forth from chapter to chapter as you try to interpret the meaning of certain passages. Islam is founded on Six Pillars of Belief that altogether are known as Iman. The first of these pillars is the belief in one God, second is the belief in angles, the belief in these books and prophets make up the third and fourth pillar. The fifth is to believe in accountability, both good and bad and finally the sixth is to believe in the divine decree of God. Under these come the Five Pillars of Islam, these consist of the declaration of faith, prayer, fasting during Ramadan, almsgiving or Zakat, and finally the pilgrimage to Mecca. Life

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