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Danny Park’s Thesis on Religion In today’s modern society, there is a broad spectrum of different religious beliefs that play a major and important part in people’s lives. From Hinduism, to the diverse ecosystem of Christian beliefs, to the Prophet Muhammad, there is a seemingly endless variation of the same, mindless yet convincing repertoire. When you boil it all down, religion splits into 2 basic categories. The first is a belief in a higher being. Thinking logically, belief in a higher being allows the individual to lighten the load of everyday stress to a non-existent being. In every religion, there is a central figure, God, or multiple figures, like Brahman, or Vishnu. What they all have in common is not the amount of arms they sprout, or their different powers; it is the fact that they are an omnipotent being that wields fantastical powers over mankind. Across the horizontal spectrum of religion, the story is the same. If you treat them well, you are provided for in the “after life”. If you do not follow, you will be banished to the “underground” to suffer for the rest of your life. Even looking into the vertical spectrum of time, even all the way back to the Greco-Roman era, their belief in Zeus and the other Gods bears the same repertoire of the “religious story”. This proves that religion is a mere survival tool adapted by our ancestors to give us motivation, hope and most importantly, a reason to live. Take a look at the Catholic Church. At the peak of its power during the Middle Ages, coincidentally, the same time of technological and cultural stagnation, the Church refused to believe in the many scientific phenomena that were being discovered during that time. For example, the theory of Heliocentrism. The church ended up banning many of the texts and researches that scientists had made. Only during the advent of modern technology and absolute

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