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There is a great plethora of religions that galore the very world we inhabit. With a great diversity of religions, come many perspectives on the interpretation of the religion. Religion is a broad topic that contains no right answer. Religion is an interesting subject to have a debate over because there are many areas in religion that lack a backbone of evidence to support your argument. Even so, there is a great diversity of followers in many religions. Religions such as Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity and Judaism are what make up most of the Earth’s followers. There are also many that are Atheists, a follower of no religion. Somewhere along the road we are traveling on today, must have been a glitch to the background information on how a religion had originated. Religion is dominant and plays a figurative role in society. Religion dictates much of people’s actions, statements, and general socializing. Religion sets restrictions of a line that is acceptable and beyond the line is what is forbidden. Religion is the backbone of our society. Believing in a god or a power stature gives us a strong faith and belief of confidence that the almighty is beside us. Religion gives the feeling of safety and to ask for forgiveness or help to whoever sets a pure nature upon us. We will never know what there really comes after we face death. This is just a glimpse of what I believe on how religion plays a role on society. However the question remains on what exactly is

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