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Relevanc Of Poerty In Todays Wold Essay

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  • on February 13, 2011
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Poetry calls to mind bygone eras and outdated rhymes. While the English poets of the past like Shakespeare, John Donne and Percy Bysshe Shelley remain classic and well-known, there is a common perception that poetry has become a niche market, studied by academics and small literary circles. Is poetry still relevant today?
Poetry has been used throughout the centuries, but is it still relevant in today's society? some major aspects of poems are relevant today such as; subject matters, structure, rhythm, rhyme and the desire for expression of one's own self in a written form. There are also aspects which may not be of relevance in modern society these are; form, language style and emotional complexity.
The subject matters that nineteenth century poets wrote about are relatable to today's people. The sonnet 'Summer Noon' describes an extremely hot "breathless hour" somewhere similar to the australian outback. This subject is not just relevant to the poets of the nineteenth century but also to today's society. People like to express their feelings, experiences and opinions of the enviroment around them. The sonnet structure allows a poet to express this mood and atmosphere in depth, helping you to visualise and feel that particular place. In the lines, "blur of sound/ that dulls the brain, with slumbrous weight"

Who Dictates What Poetry Is? The Canon
The first question to ask is: Who dictates what poetry is? There is such a thing as a canon in modern-day literature. A canon is a set of work that has been chosen by academics and scholars for others to study. What works of art comprise the canon is debatable and continues to be debated by a group of professors and scholars. They first define what a literary work is: whether it is poetry, prose poetry, Beat poetry, short story, essay, and the list goes on.
The people who create a school's curriculum basically dictate what works a student is to understand and study. This ranges from English literature to history and...

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