Relay and Races Games Essay

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Necking-The-Orange |Equipment: |One orange or similar sized fruit per team | |Preparation: |None | Teams stand in a line with the first member of the team holding the orange. The objective is to pass the orange down the line to the last team member without using their hands. As the name suggests this is done by gripping the orange under your chin (no hands remember!) then turning round to face the next person and for them to the orange under their chin. This process being repeated down the line to the last person. Either stop the relay at this point or have the last person run to the front and start again. The race stopping when the first person ends up at the front again. Knees and balloon |Equipment: |Balloon for each team with spares for accidents | |Preparation: |None | Teams have to pass the balloon by gripping it between their knees. Last person to get it runs to the front of the line and starts the passing again. No hands allowed!! Wobble |Equipment: |Balloon for each person with spares for accidents. | |Preparation: |None | Have a number of balloons enough for each team member. First person runs and pick up a balloon, holding it between their knees they have to get back to their team and using their knees only pass it onto the next member of the team who passes it to the next and so on. When the last player gets the balloon they pop it, run to the balloon and repeats the process. This continues until the first person who ran is back once again at the front. Have plenty of spare balloons to replace those that

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