Relativism and Morality Essay

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Relativism And Morality Danielle Tuttle SOC 120 Introduction To Ethics And Responsibility Shana Goodson December 13, 2012 RELATIVISM AND MORALITY I do agree strongly with Goodman that there are certain things in life that are just simply wrong. Especially on all the topics addressed in his work, the way he defined his views were morally correct. I should clarify that, in most of societies perspective they were correct. I noticed that most of the topics had certain similarities with one another. Such as prejudice, undermining the victims, making them feel humiliation, institutionalized, and bringing fear into them to satisfy themselves. Once you take these things away from a person, they cannot always get rid of that feeling and it could scar them for the rest of their lives. Between the discussions on hostages and slavery, it brought to my attention that they still traffic women still to this day. It is like modern day slavery since slavery in no longer allowed. ‘But central here is the inhuman use of human beings. The victimizers find human cargo easier to ship than drugs, less severely punished, and more profitable. As one immigration official put it, “Drugs are sold only once. Humans can be sold multiple times’.” (Goodman 2010) They say that both men and women suffer, but a lot more women. The demand is more with women and children. They like to get them young because by the time they hit a certain age, they are not as useful as in their younger years. Also, the younger they teach them, the longer the use they get out of them and the more “trainable” they are. The action of trafficking means recruitment, transfer, harboring or the receipt of persons. The most common means of trafficking are force, coercion, deception, and abuse of power towards the person’s vulnerability. The purpose of trafficking is always exploitation. "Exploitation

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