Relationships Within a Business

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Relationships within a business are vital factors to its productivity and successfulness. Healthy business relationships assist a business to be successful, helping it to attain attributes such as good management and communication. Clear Wai Limited (CWL) is a family business which produces bottled drinking water. Within CWL there are many relationships, some of these which are not good for the businesses functioning and productivity. Relationships being analysed are between Reg Douglas and CWL staff, Reg and Don, and Lee and Peng. Reg Douglas is the founder of the company and sole shareholder. Between Reg and the CWL staff, the issue is how much interest Reg shows his employees. The allocation of who has the power, why they have it, and how it is used in employment relationships is determined by ones political ideology. In most cases, it is assumed that the employer holds the majority of power in the employment relationship. The managerial assumption that everyone in a business is a member of a team with a common purpose is associated with the views of unitarism (Unitarism, 2012). Unitarists’ believe that staff should be inspired and motivated to work towards business goals and reward systems are used to support this. This leads to the issue of whether Reg has a good management style. Managers are concerned with making things happen and keeping work on schedule, engaging in routine interactions to fulfil planned actions. Organisational behaviour modification consists of positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, punishment and extinction. Positive reinforcement is some positive acknowledgement of good behaviour which increases the probability of that behaviour being repeated in a similar situation. Herzberg’s motivation hygiene theory consists of motivators and hygiene factors which intensifies workers’ efforts towards achieving business goals (Robbins,
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