Relationships In The Book Night By Elie Wiesel

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In the extraordinary book, Night by Elie Wiesel, he teaches us a lot of things that the Jewish people went trough. It mainly focuses on survival, faith, and trying to keep a father to son relationship attached to each other. Just like Elie did with his father, he did everything that he was able to do to help out his father. Evidence from the book shows that it’s possible for a relationship to stay together throughout: lessons in life, fears, and trying to protect a loved one. It was really awful on how the SS Officers took advantage of Elie and his father. The beating towards Elie’s father started when Franek and an SS Officer had noticed that Elie had a gold crowned tooth. After that, Franek started to be a gentleman…show more content…
Until one day he told Elie that he wanted the gold tooth. Elie didn’t want to lose his gold crowned tooth because he thought that it might be even more helpful in the future. So that’s when the trouble started. “I decided to give my father lessons myself, to teach him to change step, and to keep the rhythm. We began to do exercises in front of our block.”(53)This led to a total disappointment from Elie because the SS Officers started beating his dad whenever they went out to march and since Elie’s dad never did military service .So that means that he never learned to march. So that’s how Franek would punish him, it meant that every time that Elie’s dad would make a wrong move he would get beaten up. So Elie decided to teach his dad the basic steps of marching because he would suffer so much watching that his dad would get beat up. Many prisoners were transported from concentration camp to concentration camp. They would either travel by train, buses or even running so many miles until they reached their destination. This time they had to travel by train and the thing was that they would make stops and throw out all the dead prisoners. So if perhaps you wouldn’t move they’ll just assume

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