Relationships In Teens Life

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Relationships at any age can be very difficult, just look at the divorce rate of adults in America. Although, at times I think the teenage relationship may be the worst kind to have. You may think you have a good relationship, but be unable recognize signs that it is not. If you have problems prioritizing quality time with friends or yourself, or creating a balance between your boyfriend/girlfriend and your friends, you could have a more of a problem than you think. It may be a hard thing to recognize, but it will help make your relationship work better in the long run. I’ve seen many relationships come and go; I’ve seen the good ones and I’ve seen ones that wore the “good” mask, disguising the negativity underneath. Relationships that include ditching friends, dropping hobbies and interests, changing yourself, becoming sexual, or controlling issues may lead to a disastrous relationship. When I say ditching friends, I’m talking about canceling time you had already set aside with friends to hang out with your partner, which is a quick way to become friendless. Not only is it rude to drop your friends when a boyfriend/girlfriend enters the picture, it can also be dangerous. You’re isolating yourself; and once the relationship ends there’s a chance you will not have anyone to turn to because of the choices you made. Not only are friends forgotten, but hobbies and interests are left behind. The focus becomes what their partners are interested in instead of what they used to enjoy. Another sign that the relationship is going south is if you are trying to change yourself to impress your partner- whether that’s your personality and even your appearance. You shouldn’t have to change for anyone; compromise is understandable but being someone other than yourself isn’t what a real relationship is about. On another note, if you feel pressured to have sex because you
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