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Relationships In Dance and Movement Definition of Relationships in Dance and Movement The concept in subject is the relationship in dance and movement. This includes almost everything which is involved in any sort of movement or dance physical activities. Relationships help to connect people with each other and or with objects or settings around themselves. For example, the settings of a game of soccer, which would be the specific rules set to the game of soccer. Common relationships seen are with teammates, partners, game ball and a prop which is used in dance performances. Another key relationship which is often neglected is the relationship between you and your opponent or opponent’s. Most people generally assume there isn’t any relationship there because they are adversaries, but it is a key relationship in many games of sport. The way they react to each other in game situations, for instance the way they defend and attack against each other. Relationships can also include…show more content…
This is the area around us where movement is taking place and being aware of the space around you and your corresponding positioning. There are two types of space; personal space which is the immediate area surrounding us, and there is the space beyond personal space called general space which can be occupied by other people or objects. Communication is also a component of relationships which is important in sport, where players of all kind will need to communicate to teammates to enhance their individual and team performance. In regard to dance relationships there are 3 main types which are as follows: Matching; which is basically a group or partner movement sequence which is performed in the exact same manner. Mirroring; which is when a partner or group perform movement as if they would appear in a mirror. The last type is contrasting; which is when a group or partner perform movements unlike or opposite

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