Relationships in Citizen Kane

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Relationships in Citizen Kane Kane’s Parents * The relationships between Charles foster Kane and the characters in the film are based on the relationship Kane shared with his parents * Jim and Mary Kane forfeit their son to Walter Thatcher, a wealthy banker, when the family suddenly comes into wealth. * Kane’s mother appears distant and emotionless towards her son and although we assume she sends her son away to ensure he is raised appropriately * From what we see of Jim Kane, we can tell that he is an alcoholic and has violent tendencies towards his son. Perhaps Charles is sent away in order to protect both himself and his wealth from his irresponsible father. * Kane's mother sends him away when he is only eight years old, and this abrupt separation keeps him from growing past the petulant, needy, aggressive behaviors of a pre-adolescent. * As an adult, Kane has a great deal of wealth and power but no emotional security, and this absence of security arrests his development and fuels his resentment of authority. * Kane’s Guardian * Even though Thatcher gave Kane everything he wanted during his childhood, Kane never forgives him for taking him away from home. * A big reason Kane goes into the newspaper business is to harass Thatcher with front-page attacks on banking trusts Jedediah and Kane * Jedediah Leland and Charles Kane were good friends that met in college * As their relationship continued, they were both excited to be starting the paper together. But as Jedediah saw what Kane’s corrupted ethic of business was turning into, their relationship started to digress to the point where Leland made a transfer to Chicago. * Kane fires Leland without hesitation. Years later, we see that Leland sends Kane the Declaration of Principles with a reminder to Kane, that he can still change the way he acts, however Kane just

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