Relationships Between Pakeha and Maori

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Jessica Tulia 91F History Essay Student ID 28462289 During the 1800s and prior to this century, New Zealand was more or less perceived as a Maori world. Maori dominance was the foundation of all relationship encounters with the European from 1772 to 1840. Despite the opportunities of economic advantages with European, not once did native Maori’s deny their individual customs and beliefs. The Maori cultural system was crucial regarding ‘mana’ and ‘tapu’ as these were practical concepts used in every day matters. These potent aspects were enhanced by Maori to a very high degree creating conflict within diverse relationships. In response to various significant discoveries, a French exploiter Marion Du Fresne pursued the islands of New Zealand. During the beginning of 1772 in March, Du Fresne and his companions on board two ships: Mascarin and Marquis de Castries arrived on the land1. In desperate need of seeking repairs and resources for their damaged ships from a previous collision, the Europeans sailed into the Bay of Islands. The very first encounters between the Frenchmen and Maori were involved much curiosity and self-awareness. The Europeans however created a correspondent and peaceful trade relationship developed between the Maori. Recognising the rarity of ships, Maori approached the Mascarin in canoes and presented welcoming gifts of fish in return for clothing and tools2. From what was thought to be a mutual and positive trading relationship subsequently converted to rivalry between the two parties. The European unknowingly dismissed distinct native morals and were harshly accused of committing hostile offence to Maori regarding their tapu. Is response to this crucial incident, provoked Maori dominance and control over the consequences and Europeans themselves
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