Relationships Between Artists Essay

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Art Essay Clinton Blackley The relationship between the approaches of artist Johannes Vermeer, David Hockney and Richard Diebenkorn share many strong similarities and differences in their influences, methods and ideas. David Hockney is the best known British artist of his generation. He has often been regarded the playboy of the art world. He has lascivious relationships, and he runs among strange and crazy artistic circles. He was technically known for his involvement in the pop art movement. Hockney used different mediums in some of his works including photography and has also experimented with cubism. Richard Diebenkorn is mostly known for his signature large-scale, vivid abstractions known as the Ocean Park Series. His abstract, as well as his earlier figurative works explore the balance between surface modulations and illusionistic depth, between the establishment of structure and its disintegration in light and space. Vermeer is one of the most famous Dutch painters of the 17th century. A period which is better known as the Dutch Golden Age, Vermeer’s painters are admired for their transparent colours, well thought out composition and use of brilliant light. Vermeer’s style was like most painters of his time but was very lavish in some aspects of his paintings using precious crushed gems, which in this way, created a world more perfect than any he, had witnessed. The influences between artists David Hockney and Richard Diebenkorn share many similarities, but are very different from artist Vermeer. Vermeer’s influences for his works came from after the Dutch civil war, where Vermeer started painting rich and wealthy paintings. The people after the war didn’t want to see pain and grief that reminded them of the war; they wanted to see richness, happiness and wealth in the paintings and that’s what Vermeer brought. Vermeer doesn’t share many similarities in
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