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Relationships Having a good relationship with someone makes life feel more comforting. For me, myself the relations I have in my life are important. Every person has a different impact on my life, and I cherish them deeply. Trusting people is hard concept for me, because of past relations I had with other people, along with people in my family. The close relationships I have are with people I know I can always depend on no matter what kind of situation I am. Tee, has been my best friend for almost seven years now. I cannot even consider her my best friend; she is more like a big sister I always wanted. I met her when I was in seventh grade from an ex boyfriend of mine. After hanging out just one day, people would have thought her and I have known each other forever, and I could not thank God enough for bringing her into my life. She is one of those people I know I can always depend on no matter what; if I ever need an honest opinion about anything at all she is always the one to tell me straight up, whether I am right or wrong. We may get into arguments every now and then, but at the end of the day I know she will always be there for me no matter what type of situation we get ourselves into. Tee and I have fun doing the dumbest things; we could drive around for hours at time talking, or even singing and dancing. We always find some way to make each other laugh without even meaning to. I never thought I could spend every day of a month with one person and never get sick of them, but with her it just seems different. We may not talk every day now that we both have busy schedules, but the second we do talk; it feels like we had a conversation only a few hours ago; to me that is the best feeling in the world. Picturing my life without her seems impossible; she is a part of my life, and an important person in my life. My brother Paul and I are extremely close.

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