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Maintenance of Relationships - Maintenance of a relationship is based on economic principles. We run our relationships by keeping an eye on the exchange of rewards and costs. These costs can come in different form; the costs of money, betrayal and jealously. - If rewards outweigh costs, the relationship is said to be in a state of profit, however if cost outweigh rewards, the result is a state of loss, leading to dissatisfaction. Relationship are similar to business transactions, they keep an eye on the balance sheet, we do this by comparing the current relationship with previous relationships (this is our comparison level), if the CL suggest the relationship is less rewarding than expected, than the current relationship may cease to be maintained. - This theory can be applied to the real world, to explain why some women stay in abusive relationships. According to this theory they have a balance sheet ad this proves they don’t leave, they stay due to high investments (children) and alternatives are very few (play to stay). It is very difficult to study domestic violence in a scientific manner because it is such a personal and subjective issue. These women may not be honest due to shame and love for their partner. - This theory can explain individual difference as we all have our own comparison sheets because individuals perceive profits and loses differently so what is acceptable for one person is not acceptable to another. However, there us too much focus on selfish reason as to why we form a relationship because not everyone is individualistic i.e. selfish, there are collectivistic people i.e. Islamic faith, arranged marriage will not only benefit the individual but also to their families. - One theory to maintain a romantic relationship is the equity theory. This suggests that people strive to achieve fairness in their relationship and feel distressed if they

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