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TRS Fundamental of Writing Patricia, Jones 10/4/2010 Relationship Essay (final) Every relationship should be based on three characteristics: trust, love, and respect. Without these three characteristics a relationship would be unhealthy. To build a healthy relationship with someone you have to put a lot of your trust and time into it. Trust allows the other person to know that you respect him/her privacy. People who are partners have to learn how to trust one another to keep a relationship strong. It also shows their commitment to each other. About three years ago I met my significant other. We had different personalities but some past experiences that we could relate to. When I needed advice he would tell me what were the best decisions to make. Sometimes other people opinions about things can help us realize what’s right or wrong. He helped me to realize you should always have faith in yourself. In the beginning our relationship was very strong. We were able to communicate, which was a key factor of how we were able to build our trust. He was very respectful, friendly, and considerate to others. His personality was the reason why I became attracted to him. A good friendship with someone who cared about me showed me how to love. The word “Love” has many meanings. My definition of love is when you really care for someone and show him/her affection. The love of my life has showed me that he loves me by his words, time and commitment. Being committed to someone has to be a decision made by two people. When you respect your partner it shows you really love that person. He shows respect by not invading my privacy, not abusing me verbally or physically, or pressuring me to do things I don’t want to do. This relationship changed me into a better person. It’s helped me to become more outgoing and less shy. My partner is an outgoing and

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