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Audience: People that think relationships are overrated Purpose: To prove that relationships are definitely rewarding. A relationship is defined as an emotional or other connection between people. Relationships can be between two or more people, and each relationship has its own definition. It can be a friendship, an involvement, or a kinship with another person. Regardless the name each relationship is meaningful, loving and fun. Many people believe that keeping a relationship is hard work, but in my eyes it should be the least amount of work. My relationship with my boyfriend Aaron is one of a kind, not only are we crazy about one another but we understand the whole background of one another. This alone allows us to bond and create a connection that no one but us understands. The way mine and Aaron’s relationship has held on so tight for so long, has been because of our chemistry, support, and balance. How Aaron and I first began talking was due to my best friend Elise, she introduced us and from then on we hit it off. At my 18th birthday party, I invited all of my close friends and my family. During the party we had a bonfire, jumped on my trampoline, went swimming and just enjoyed each other’s company. After my birthday party we stayed in contact and talked every day. A couple of weeks went by and he finally asked me to be in a relationship with him. Since then we have been together and it has been a year and nine months. I believe that after my party occurred we could have not spoken again, but since we had such great chemistry. In that situation we could have never created the relationship or bond that we have today. But I believe things happen for a reason, and things are only looking up from here. Samantha Phelps, my older sister, has been around my whole life and claims that she has never seen me so happy and that I have been extremely happier and

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