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Relationships are tricky at best, but are gay couples that different from their straight counterparts? If you take the very basic form of both, and strip away the sexual identity, you in essence have two individuals together in an intensely personal and romantic arrangement. After all, a marriage should be all about what you want out of life and who you want to spend it with. So does the sexual orientation of the couple affect the struggle, duration, and fulfillment of the relationship? When you think of a couple, the first thing that you picture is a man and his wife. On average almost 58 percent of couples are still together after 20 years. Where does this longevity come from? In part, it is due to the fact that it is what is socially acceptable. From when we are children we are told that is the way things are and anything different is unnatural. Another facet is due to the fact of people staying together because of children. With the added provision of children, heterosexual marriages have the foundation on which to build their relationship. But is a couple that stays together just for the children a happy couple? In the Gay community a long-term commitment is considered to be around a year and a half. However, there are gay couples that have described their current relationship as having lasted 12 twelve years or longer, with even a few lasting more than 20 twenty years. However, with gay couples the cycle of continuing humanity doesn’t exist. There is no baby; there is no larger family with moral and ethical values being formed, redefined, refined and practiced. So what makes this longevity possible? Well in order for most gay couples to survive, they have usually implemented some type of provisions for sexual encounters outside of the relationship. As long as both partners know about encounter and give approval, they are still considered monogamous.

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