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There are many different types of dating these days. People are going crazy and they don’t know how to be in a good committed relationship anymore. There are the long term, friends with benefits, and just the short term kind that just waste time because they are bored. Sometimes you can walk around and see that one couple that you can tell is just completely in love and you know that they are just inseparable. They are always showing affection and letting other people know that they are together and they aren’t afraid to show that. I believe there are a lot of people out there looking for these kind of relationships, but when it comes down to it they just cant settle down like people used to do all the time. I believe in having the long term relationships that last fifty plus years that people can look up to and be inspired to be that way. Another reason why people won’t settle down either is because they drink, and just basically love to party and a long term relationship just can’t be a good one with all of that stuff in it. To have a good committed relationship you must have trust and also have some help with God. Also, sometimes you will hear about and see these couples especially big in movies now of friends with benefits. They try to have a friendship along with all the physical stuff that goes along with having a committed relationship but just not trying to get all emotionally attached. You can go out and do everything that you want to that a single person would do. You don’t have to be tied down to one single person like a committed relationship either. But these relationships never work because you can’t have the physical making love parts in a relationship without getting emotionally attached; it’s just not humanly possible. Then after they have their little fun and get attached they either fight or separate because of their emotions getting

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