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Why are women and men's mind frames on what they expect in a relationships different from each other? Women and men have total different mind frames when it comes to relationships. While women go into a relationship thinking on more on a internal connection. However, men are more focused on external features. Although there are exceptions to every person, for the most part this is how people enter relationships. When women enter a relationship they think past what they're in at the moment and know from the start it's going to last. Men on the other hand, enter a relationship thinking only in the moment. Women think more futuristic and men think for the time being, which is the major reason women are more committed and attached in a relationship. In every relationship,the beginning is always the greatest, long conversations, date nights, just the looks exchanged from each other are what makes the relationship seem like it's going to last forever. In the beginning of the relationships every one tries to make the best impressions. For example, when a guy comes to a girls house for the first date, he brings something for her rather it's flowers or it's her favorite candy. With this the conversations are more focused on getting to know the other. Yet, the beginning stage of a relationship is the most important. Women at the beginning of a relationship, appreciate the fact the guy is giving her the attention she wants, which gives her the impression that it's going to stay that way. Men appreciate how the women looks and just having the conversation with them.Their not expecting anything too special. The first date for men is the time where the actually tell a women what they want out of the relationship. Within the first ten minutes of a conversation, a women should be able to tell what a man wants out of the relationship. Unlike women,

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