Relationship Suggestions Essay

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Relationship Suggestions I absolutely agree with your first suggestion of viewing love and sex as a gift and not as something you owe someone or someone owes you. I believe sex adds to a relationship, but shouldn’t make a relationship. Love should be unconditional and not something that you are in the mood for every now and then. When I think of sex, I think of it as something special with my significant other. I think that people that know the difference in making love and just having sex know the difference of viewing love and sexual intercourse as a gift as opposed to something being owed. I have learned so many things in class that have really helped my relationship. I use to get mad at my boyfriend for not doing his part. Your suggestion of your orgasm being your privilege to have or not to have makes perfect sense. Your right in saying that no one knows your body and how you feel better than you do. If you want the fun to be mutual you should help your significant other if you are not engage in that fun. I concur that it is a sign of maturity to find out what your partner likes sexually. If you learn to kindly communicate to your partner what it is that you want, from experience I know that he most certainly wants to please you so that both of you are enjoying yourselves. This goes hand in hand with the fourth suggestion of letting him know KINDLY. Communication is key in every part of a relationship. I believe that if you learn to communicate effectively with your partner in your relationship as a whole, it is easier to bring that communication into your love life. I believe these relationship suggestions to be for committed relationship. I do not suppose that you would be suggesting that you get to know what your partner likes sexually if she/he is just a sex buddy. These suggestions are for people that truly care for their significant other,
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