Relationship Reflection Paper

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Relationship Reflection Paper For this relationship goal assignment, my focus was on improving my active listening skills with my wife Erica. My goal was to identify my listening style and improve on my listening and responding abilities. As I mentioned in the goal paper, “there’s always room for improvement,” and becoming a student of Professor Lori Petite’s, Interpersonal Communications Studies this spring semester was an excellent start for me. The environment is engaging. A very necessary course and one to which I appreciate. Ok, so, I’ll take my check now Mrs. Petite! Ha! Just kidding! Continuing on, in my “Goal” paper you may recall my reflection on how in the beginning, or the early years of me and Erica’s relationship we were both people-oriented listeners. We were emotionally connected, shared our feelings, and wanted to solve all of each others problems, but with each passing year the “people-oriented” style that we strongly conveyed in the beginning have taken a back seat to the day to day affairs of life. Nevertheless, my aim was to improve our communication between us and recapture our intimacy back to the point of the beginning of our relationship. I had to identify the style or combination of styles needed to be an effective listener. This process was done for an hour, four nights a week and the outcome was exactly as I expected. Erica wasn’t receptive for the first three days or so, but soon after she became very talkative with the effect of jovialness. In fact, one subject turned into three or four new ones. Also, during these experiments I found myself using a lot of critical thinking, for example, evaluating the quality of the message, is it general conversation or content of substance. Was what she was saying appropriate for the topic of discussion and did it have value. You know, Interpersonal Communication Studies has helped

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