Relationship Philosophy Paper-Human Sexuality

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Relationships in all parts of our lives contribute to our well-being. Through our relationships, we are sustained in our personal growth and development. Our relationships provide us with the support we need to grow and to handle challenges we face. I believe there are many components involved in a healthy, productive, and satisfying relationship. I don’t believe that relationships should be about changing people or trying to make them fit our “standards”, but the person that we want to be with should already make the cut. A little adjustment here and there can never hurt, but if you have to all around change a person as a whole they are not meant for you. In any relationship, the two people should share mutual goals, desires, and have some general expectations for the relationship to be successful. Every individual has some sort of goals, whether they be short or long term. In a relationship however, I feel like the individual’s goals should correlate and somewhat revolve around the same morals, dreams, and wishes as their spouse. A relationship should be a union, a “we” instead of an “I”. I have been in a relationship with the same person for almost four years now, so my point of view on things such as goals, desires, and expectations may be very different than a girl my age who has just recently started dating someone, or who isn’t currently dating anyone. Some short term goals in a good relationship for me would be trying to get a stable cushion of money saved for us and to get our own house and our own dog. These are things that we both want, so we strive to get there. However, since we’re both still young we want to be able to live life as carefree and freely as we can until we do have those major responsibilities on our hands. I think that is one thing that keeps our relationship strong; we can find that happy medium. We know we have to work hard to
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