Relationship of U.S. Government and Policing Organizations Essay

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The relationship between the U.S. government and police organizations throughout the states can be described as a love hate relationship. It is far from been a perfect relationship in which one might see a high level of professional cooperation and mutual respect. In a healthy relationship between the government and the police, one would expect government to interfere on big issues like safeguarding core constitutional values, civil liberties, and individual rights as well as upholding the law of the land and ensuring mechanisms of accountability are in place for those who are mistreated in the name of public security. On the other hand, smaller local and unique state issues should be left to the experts – the police themselves. The problem is that the U.S. government is failing to only intervene on the big issues, now they are micromanaging the small ones and this causes friction between the local state police agencies and the federal government law enforcement agencies. This government level of interference in states policing themselves is the result of the terrorist events of September 11, 2001. Ever since the attacks on American soil by radical Islamic terrorists, government has been getting involved more and more on the dealings of states law enforcement practices to deal more effectively with detecting terrorists and preventing terrorism. The government may have good intentions to safeguard its citizens, but at what cause? What once might have been an acceptable level of police standard procedure to safeguard against terrorism may no longer be acceptable by the public. “Perhaps communities are willing to accept a reduced effort against “ordinary” crimes and disorders to pay for increased protection against terror attacks.” (Mastrofski, 2006, Police Organization and Management Issues for the Next Decade, p. 20) Whatever the case may be government needs to

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