Relationship Between Santiago And Divina

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Matt Story August, 10 2009 Chapter One Q: If there are characters described in the section, what is their relationship to each other? A: Three characters described in this section are Santiago Nasar, Victoria Guzman and her daughter, Divina Flor. Victoria is the cook for the Nasar family. Divina works with her. According to the story, Divina was, “just coming into bloom” (pg 9) and Santiago noticed this. However Victoria would not let him take advantage of her. Santiago’s dad, Ibrahim took advantage of Victoria when she was coming into bloom and bought her to work at the house after their love affair was over. She did not want this to happen to her daughter. When Santiago grabbed Divina by the wrist…show more content…
How do you know? What seems responsible for this tone? A: This chapter contains a lot of bitterness. Pedro and Pablo Vicario are extremely bitter with Santiago Nasar for taking their sister’s virginity. Therefore, they plot to kill him. The brothers tell virtually everyone they meet that they are going to kill him. Most people brush it off thinking that either they are still drunk and just babbling or that they do not think the Vicario brothers are capable of murder. Initially, I thought Santiago Nasar was responsible for this tone but after reading the entire book I am not sure whether it is his fault or Angela Vicario’s. Q: Is the repetition of words, phrases or images used? What is the purpose and its effect? A: The most repeated phrase in this chapter is, “We’re going to kill Santiago Nasar.” (pg 52 and 69) They said the same thing repeatedly, but they used different wording. The only purpose of this is that they wanted everyone to know what they were doing. Some people assumed they were joking because they kept telling everyone. They even yelled it out multiple times at the butcher shop when they went to sharpen their second set of knives after Colonel Aponte took their first…show more content…
Does he/she achieve this purpose? What three or four elements most significantly contribute to the success or failure of the passage? A: The purpose of this chapter is to show the reader what the Vicario brothers’ actions were and how they prepared for the murder. The author goes through their entire day telling the reader what they did, who they talked to, and how they acted. He did achieve his purpose. The main contributors to the success are the descriptive words the writer uses to tell what they were doing, how the writer told what others thought of the Vicario brothers’ rants, and the writer giving bits and pieces of his recollection of the

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