Relationship Between Public and Private Police

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Relationship between Public and Private Police CJS/250 Robert Krause July 22, 2012 In the world of security, there exist two distinct branches that work toward the same goal of safety for the people in each community. These two branches are public police and private police. Public police are easily seen, they are governed by a set of rules that helps protect them as well as the population. Private police is a growing industry. In some communities they hold many of the same powers as the public police and are intended to uphold the same standards as their public counterparts. Private police can range from neighborhood watch to a large firm that handles security at business, apartments, and parks. With the private sector growing, lines of jurisdiction are getting blurred, as are the responsibilities and accountability of the private police. There is a need for the two branches to work together, find a common ground and provide the community with the safety that they deserve. Public and private police represent the same goal of security but with two distinct ways of approaching it. Private security works to prevent crime through surveillance and guard personnel. Though public police represent the same ideology, public police tend to react to crime and investigate after the crime has happened (Larrabee, 2007). So it makes reasonable sense that the two would work together well. However there is matter of environment and jurisdiction that gets in the way. A private property such as a parking lot or apartment complex can be limiting to police. Their authority in some circumstances is next to none, however if these facilities employ private police, their authority cannot be denied. Private police today are often given the many of the same duties as a public police officer. However, thanks to the fact that the private police do not work for the government,

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