Relationship Between Private And Public Police

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Relationship between Private and Public Police Axia College of University of Phoenix September 13, 2009 A lack of respect and egos is an ongoing issue between the two. Each feels they are more important than the other, or their training is better and other petty similar issues. This bickering in the lower ranks creates an adversarial relationship and a breakdown in communication occurs. After communication stops a then a cooperation breakdown will soon follow. This is human nature at its worse if, we get angry at someone and shut down the lines of communication, we will avoid them, and eventually we cease to be willing to even work with that person. With the same responsibilities being shared there is sense of competitionamong private and public forces. The private force wants to show there assertiveness, and ability not to be out done. They also feel the need for competiveness, if they are not involved in anissue they may appear to not be doing their job and lose the account. Private security agencies must constantly be promoting themselves by proving the local police, and even direct competitors cannot provide the same level of protection or services. The public police force feels they have jurisdiction and the private company is just getting in the way. Often the public security feels the private security firms lack the experience and standard procedures in place to handle emergency situations. Public officers would prefer to see the private security officer to sit in a guard shack and to call the police if they observe something out of the ordinary. Many companies and individuals pay a lot of money for security, and in many cases they this only provides a false sense of security. It is true that private security can provide more personalized security than a public agency. Some services they can provide are making sure doors and windows are secure,

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