Relationship Between Critical Thinking and Ethics

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Relationship between Critical Thinking and Ethics Connie Johnston ETH/316 January 19, 2015 Instructor: Christy Vilavanh The principles of moral values creates a relationship between ethic and critical thinking. Critical thinking is essential in ethics, because it allows us to determine if something is right or wrong. We are able to use our mental process to evaluate and to determine ethical standards (Mnelillo, 2010). Mnelillo further states that ethics is a set of principles and it establishes what is right or wrong. These principles guide our behavior when reasoning through common ethical issues (Mnelillo, 2010). There will always be a need for ethical decision making. The Logic of ethical reasoning is not followed or adhered to by humans. People do not think critically about ethics, social conventions, and the law (Paul and Elder, 2006). We have seen harsh punishment, suffering, pain; and death plague our society because ethical logic reasoning was suppressed from the human mind. For example: The video from our class course discussed the all too real-“Blood Money”. Participants were profiting from the sale of humans organs. The Chinese couple (who collected the down payment for organs that would be sold in the future) appeared morally unemotional and detached from the ordeal and sufferings of the condemned prisoners. Even though they knew of the executions, when the organs would be ready for sale, and how the organs were collected after the death of these men. The doctor who purchase these organs was also aware of this business and his stamp of approval was placed upon this practice. Participants failed to utilized their morally responsibility which was to report this practice to the proper authority. Perhaps, they were afraid of losing their income, large commission or being
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