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Some people believe that strong relationships can only develop after conflict and resolution have enabled the partners to speak openly and trust deeply. Others believe that each conflict creates risks in a relationship that can never be repaired, weakening its foundation. Write a response in which you determine which view bares the closest resemblance to your own? In justifying your reasoning and supporting your position, be sure to include your reaction to both of the views presented. Conflict and resolutions form an integral part of relationship. Every time there is a conflict, the relationship is tested. If the relationship is strong enough then it would definitely sustain the conflicts. Conflict generally occurs when there is a difference of opinion. So when the partners express their opinions openly and talk the issue, they will be able to understand one and another easily. This understanding will build trust in the relationship. Trust strengthens the relationship. Conflicts are necessary in a relationship. Any two people can be together sharing only their happiness and joy. But, relationship is not just sharing happy moments. It is all about being with one and another during good times and hardships. Being together during times of turmoil will surely create problems and if the partners can withstand the conflict and solve it, then the relationship grows stronger. Sometimes, conflict helps to understand the true nature of a person. The character of a person is tested during hard times. Sometimes, we may feel that a person is very friendly and understanding but, when there is a problem, they may not be with us. So, conflicts will help us to know about the true colour of a person. The partners will get to know about the strength and weakness of one and another when there are conflicts. This will help them to understand each other in a better way. The

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