Relational Practices/Wellness Profile

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Relational practices/Wellness Profile

Nursing is a very sensitive job full of values. As a nursing student we should know how to ensure privacy as well as respect patients and the medical staff. This scholarly paper examines the role of the nurse in relational practices by interviewing a patient over fifty years old, having diabetes. I will describe what technique that I have used in the following paragraph.
Pre-interaction preparation I have chosen Peoplau’s theory of interpersonal relations. It’s the use of a therapeutic relationship between the nurse and the client. The idea of the theory is the dealing with clients as they are the important matter and then by focusing on their problems, treatment and their health rather than treating them as if they are a secondary consideration (Kozier etl al., 2009). Peoplau’s work is responsible for the combination of the therapeutic relationship and the nurse-client relationship into nursing theory (Forchuk, C., Dorsay, J., 1994). Peoplau’s interpersonal relations were found in all major theoretical works today. Peoplau’s theory gives the nurse the opportunity to enter in to personal relationship with individual clients in some cases. Peoplau explores in her theory in four phases of nurse-client relationship: firstly, the orientation phase is also known as the problem defining phase. So in this phase the clients ask for help and the nurse response by helping the clients and understand the clients need as well as understand the extent of the need of help. Also this phase happen when the nurse meets new clients for the first time (Forchuk, C., Dorsay, J., 1994).

Moreover, there are some factors that influence the orientation phase that is a combination between nurse and client factors to form a relationship as it shown in the diagram below (Forchuk, C., Dorsay, J., 1994).

Secondly, the

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