Relation Between “War” by Bob Marley and “Blowing in the Wind” by Bob Dylan

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Bob Marley and Bob Dylan are important figures in the world of music and in spite of Bob Marley is dead, he is still a big star. And although they may differ in some things like where they come from, the kind of musical genre in which they developed as artists and obviously in their lives; we can see that they thought more or less in the same way about justice and freedom and that is reflected in their songs. So, how can we relate “War” and “Blowing in the wind”? On the one hand, the song interpreted by Bob Marley, “War”; makes reference to social issues such as racism. Moreover, it deals with the conflict of races and the concept of superiority. Also, he says that the main reason for those conflicts or “wars” is the discrimination and until this is over the problem will continue. Another important thing of this song is that even if people have different nationalities, colour of skin, sexual orientation and different religious beliefs; everyone should have the same rights. On the other hand, some phrases of the song “Blowing in the wind” by Bob Dylan do mention the issue of injustice between the people, what I mean is, why people ignore certain facts in life? It is true that it is the easy way but we have to change it. Furthermore, he talks about the lack of freedom and equality. However, he says that the answer is among us. So, as a conclusion, the relation between those songs is that both make reference to the problems of the society like the discrimination and the lack of justice and freedom. And in my opinion, the message of those songs is that we have to learn to see the world with other eyes and always try to help to the neighbor. If we do this, little by little, we will be doing of this world a better
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