Relating a Liaising with Parents Essay

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Relating a liaising with Parents Partnership with parents in early years’ education is outlined as an important factor in the EYFS (2008) and the revised EYFS (framework 2012) Being a Children and Families Support worker in a Sure Start children’s centre, I work within a multi-agency team to bring about services to support effective parenting and home learning. This essay is based on a recent literacy workshop with parents’ appendix one, which aimed to engage parent’s participation in enhancing their child’s communication language and literacy development. The importance of engaging parents as partners has been well researched and will be addressed within the context of parents as partners under the theme Positive Relationships EYFS (2008). The importance of parents being involved in their children’s learning will explore some key messages from research. In giving a rational for the planning of this workshop further research will be discussed with regards to how the sharing of books at a young age cannot only aid in children’s cognitive and language development but also personal social and emotional development and impact on their future learning. A description on the workshop plan will be discussed briefly before looking at strategies I used to target parents. Furthermore barriers that impact on parent involvement will be addressed on a service level and a family level, and in addressing ways of overcoming these obstacles firstly, I will review qualities and skills that are positive for engaging parents, and also through the workshop design, that offered flexibility. For children to be supported in their development it is imperative that early years practitioners understand the value that parents bring to their children’s learning. Draper & Duffy (2001) argue strongly that parent partnerships can assist parents to understand their child’s behaviour,
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