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Relationships are the building blocks by which one's character and strength regarding the same are forged and become formidable. How we relate and with whom we correlate, is imperative for development as maturing individuals. For it is the tutelage of such guidance, that refines one's temperament and coagulates the superfluous. Primarily, these essentials are ascertained through the greatest unit of erudition--family. It is here, astuteness, prudence and judiciousness are unmatched. Such relation is lovingly encouraged through the endearing and faithful rapport with my Grandmother--Mary Jackson; of which, I, am blessed to share. Conceptually, from the onset, my Grandmother has been revered as the "rock" of my family and a "savior" of sort; because of her untiring dedication to the success of her lineage and others as well. All, too well, am I acquainted with this persona because I, too, have been rescued by her guiding light and strong hand. Tenderly, at the age of fifteen (15), I became a mother of a wonderful son. Nearly six months after the birth of my son, my mother’s life succumbed due to complications associated with Sickle Cell Anemia. It is here, that unmerited matriarchal favor was bestowed upon me and our bequest began. While others viewed me through the distorted eyes of moral judgment, Grand Mary, as she is affectionately called; immediately began to cultivate the woman inside and charted me on a course that would lead me to a greater sense of worth and being—motherhood. Amazingly, the natural affection of motherhood was evident, she instilled within me the value of extending myself beyond myself in service to others. Motherhood became my training ground and my son—the epitome of such cultivation. My Grandmother--my professor and I, her single student as she taught untiringly the value of love, commitment and devotion to others
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