Rela: Las Chicas Chuecas

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RELA: Las Chicas Chuecas This essay will be on the book of The Republic of East L.A. by Luis Rodriguez. Luis had many different types of short stories in this book. The short stories in this book have different types of emotional relations and outcomes. The short story that stands out the most in regards of society and women is “Las Chicas Chuecas.” This short story follows a girl name Noemi, and the hardships that come from living in East L.A. In the short story a counselor named Ms. Matsuda said to Noemi, “You’ve had quite a life, Noemi.” This story could be related to many of the people who resides in East L.A. The author describes situations in this short story that are very common for women in East L.A. such as: drugs, rape, and gangs. The following essay will explain three feminist views of the short story “Las Chicas Chuecas.” First, one of the main issues from living in East L.A. is the street gangs. Many women who don’t go to school or have jobs often leads them into street gangs. It is more common that street gangs are made of males, but the author takes in the prospective views of a street gang made of females. The story revolves around Noemi hanging around her little sister Olivia and the gang Las Chicas Chuecas. In the short story the character named Olivia is one of the gang members that is very tough, which is a character portrayed having masculine dominance. Secondly, another issue with living in East L.A. are the drugs. In the short story it shows that their mother is a recovering addict. It shows the point of view of having a parent that is a drug addict. Noemi explained that their mother hardly took care of her and Olivia. The prospective on having a drug addict as a parent is that they are unable to take care of their children. The author added this into the story, because it is very common for children to have parents that are drug
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