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This paper will be discussing the common elements of religion, the sacred in indigenous traditions and also identify issues in the study of religion. By the end of this paper, the reader will have a better understanding of each of these elements. Religion is a centralized faith in one or several Supernatural Beings that is above life and possibly produced it. These sovereign God, gods, goddesses, in some instances drives people, instructing them how to live, sometimes managing nature but not necessarily helping or hampering humans. Possessing a higher power or person to worship is an important element in a religion. There needs to be some sort of combined protocol of conduct. Christians use the Bible, Muslims the Koran and Hebrews the Torah. What some do not know is that the first five books or chapters for these religions are the same, and yet they repeatedly disagree. There is also the holy writing in Hindu and Chinese religions. Many people from older generations do not have these codes written but they exist on the form of oral or tribal customs. The rules advise followers what to do and of the good and bad of their actions. In some instances it informs the group how to get more followers and what to do with non-believers. The rules can be very stern. There is also the controversial element of religion. This is a centralized authority or head. They are often signified as the priests of the religion. They are the people who educate others, and aid the obligation that directs the religion. In the Catholic Church, this power is distinctly recognized in the role of the Pope. Other religions can be a committee of elders. The Muslims have many and they often differ in opinion. Religion is a way of life established upon the concern of sacredness in the way of life. Religious rituals are often emblematic reenactments of a religion’s key stories.

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