Reinventing It as Strategic Business Partner Essay

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Abstract Initially seen as a support function, information technology department’s importance has increased as the business environment has grown more dynamic and the power to collect, assess and disseminate information has expanded. Properly implemented information technology has become an even valuable strategic resource-one that any organization can use to improve its competitive advantage. Information technology department are rapidly becoming strategic partners with other business functions and integral to general success of the organization. This work summarizes key issue in our case analysis related to changing the role of IT or reinventing IT as a strategic business partner for senior practitioners and strategic planners or IT leaders in general focusing on IT contribution to business value. Introduction The world is a rapidly changing canvas that visits a dynamic and turbulent environment on senior managers (Boudreau, Loch, Robe and straud, 1998), changing how information systems (IS) are used and needed in each organization. The power to collect, assess, disseminate information is a valuable strategic resource that any organization can use in improve its competitive advantage. At the same time, technological advances are changing rapidly, thus requiring frequent updates in hardware and software as well as new competencies for IT professionals. As strategic managers face the challenges of optimizing the use of information systems, they are called to address a number of issues so they can make informed and effective decisions. A failure to understand the nature of the changing environment and the associated consequence is certain to cause decisions making that is slow to meet challenges of the global market, thus, creating a strategies disadvantage for the late mover, leaders must not only understand the role IT in business governance and corporate

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